Endometriosis And Fibroids; Preparing For Surgery

July 30th, 2015 by


If you are suffering from fibroids or endometriosis, monthly cramps and discomfort are surely something you are almost becoming used to now. You may have taken all kinds of pain killers until you are now fed up. You really do not want to keep downing tablet after tablet of anti-inflammatory. Worst still you have started developing side effects from all these drugs you have been taking.

Apart from being tired of drinking tablets every month, you are also hoping to be with child. This problem has so far reduced your chances of being pregnant and after talking to Rockhampton doctor surgery seems to be the best option. Now you have been scheduled for surgery but you are really scared about what the outcome may be. Just to reassure you these procedures often go well and you really have nothing to worry about. What you need to do now is to prepare correctly for the procedure. Generally, many researchers have shown that those women who are prepared both mentally and physically stand a better chance of fast recovery and fewer complications.

Prepare your mind

Some people have fears about surgery that they cannot overcome. Most of these fears are due to stories that they have heard or experiences of someone they know. Some people fear that they will not come out of anesthesia. Other are scare that they may be affected negatively after the surgery especially their sex life. Others are too attached to their work they cannot imagine being away for two weeks even if it is for their own good.

Although there are better advances to surgery these days, it has done nothing to reduce the stress that people feel. Most often stress hormones are released into the body causing an increase in blood pressure which may affect the surgery procedure. Sometimes it may even reduce the immune system and hence the body’s ability to heal itself. Expert’s advice that patients scheduled for surgery should clear their mind of any evil thoughts and try to see a successful outcome in their own minds first.

Prepare physically

It is true that you need to prepare emotionally by keep negative thoughts from your mind. However, it is also important to prepare physically. Before the surgery, try to avoid excessive habits like a lot of alcohol and smoking. Try to avoid taking any medication that may avoid blood clotting. Also get involved in sporting activities before the surgery. To help you when you get out of hospital, try plan for after surgery. If possible, get someone to come in and help you out during the first weeks when you come out of hospital. Talk to your doctor for anything you need to do to make the surgery a success and those that you need to avoid.